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The Turnaround Management Journal is published biannually in the spring and fall (northern hemisphere).

Regular authors include academics such as university lecturers, professors, and students who are engaged in research on crisis management. The Turnaround Management Journal provides a forum for the presentation of their findings and results to other researchers and the professional community.

Professionals who work in crisis management are also invited to submit articles for publication. Their opinions, case studies, success stories, and company profiles are highly valued by other professionals and academics alike.

 Regular Topics Include:

  • Updates on the International Turnaround Management Standard (ITMS)
    The ITMS is a dynamic standard that is updated frequently in order to reflect changes in the industry, new developments and findings, and successful cases.
  • Profiles of TMS members
    The profiles section gives authors an opportunity to present themselves or their companies to other members, subscribers, institutions, and interested parties.
  • Academic developments
    Academic developments are presented by researchers such as university lecturers, independent researchers, and graduate students in the field of turnaround management.
  • Professional highlights
    This section gives professionals the opportunity to present a recent case or their opinion on a turnaround management-related topic.
  • Case studies
    The Turnaround Management Society constantly analyzes failed and successful cases; the most interesting and potentially useful are presented here.
  • Special topics
    Each issue presents a special topic; this may deal with a particular industry, a type of business (such as SMEs), the economic situation, or another topic of interest to our members.
  • Discussion of past issues
    This section gives professionals and academics alike the opportunity to discuss previously published articles and opinions in a highly professional environment and among experts in the field.
  • Articles from related industries and fields
    Turnaround management is applicable to and used in a variety of industries. However, it is also important to monitor other areas such as project management, finance, and change management, since they directly affect our professional field. The TMS keeps its eye on a range of issues to ensure that developments in related fields and industries that affect turnaround management are not overlooked.
  • A current list of members who hold the CITM qualification, their contact details and their areas of expertise
    In each issue we publish a list of current holders of the Certified International Turnaround Manager (CITM) qualification, their contact details, and a short profile so companies that are interested in hiring a turnaround manager have easy access to certified professionals.

How to order:

The Turnaround Management Journal is distributed free to members of the Turnaround Management Society. Additional subscriptions are 35 euro per year.

Non-members in the USA can subscribe to the Turnaround Management Journal for 39 euro per year; other non-members can subscribe for 49 euro per year.

Academic institutions and financial institutions, such as banks and private equity firms, can receive the Turnaround Management Journal free or at a reduced price. Please contact us about these special subscription rates.

The Turnaround Management Journal is also available in specialized bookstores and through Amazon.com for those interested in a single issue.

Purchase your issue from Amazon.com >>CLICK HERE<<.

For Authors:

If you are interested in publishing an article in the Turnaround Management Journal or want to know more about our publishing guidelines, please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you with feedback on your article or the information you need.

Contact email: publications [(at)] turnaround-society.com

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