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We are upholding a very high standard which we also expect from our members and from people that we certify. Therefore, we have  developed an education programme for practitioners, academics and people that are interested in turnaround management. We currently offer one certification the CITM (Certified International Turnaround Manager) with four different levels:

CITM – Level A
CITM – Level B

CITM – Level C
CITM – Level D

The levels depend on the theoretical knowledge demonstrated as well as practical experience.

Qualification Levels

CITM (Certified International Turnaround Manager) – Level A

To acquire Level A the candidate must demonstrate intense knowledge of the International Turnaround Management Standard™ (ITMS) as well as general knowledge about crisis situations and classifications, early warning signs as well as crisis prevention.

CITM (Certified International Turnaround Manager) – Level B

To acquire Level B for of the CITM program the candidate must have successfully achieved the Level A plus he must demonstrate that he has studied and solved different case scenarios where the International Turnaround Management Standard™ can be applied.

CITM (Certified International Turnaround Manager) – Level C

The candidate has successfully passed all tests required for Level A and B and has direct work experience of at least 3 years in the crisis management / turnaround management industry. During this time a mentor must accompany the candidate and lead him through these 3 years. The mentor’s responsibility is it to provide expertise and advice to the Level C candidate. He must also observe if the candidate follows and upholds the ethical guidelines of the candidate.

CITM (Certified International Turnaround Manager) – Level D

A Level D Certified International Turnaround Manager needs to have intense knowledge of the industry. He must have completed Level – A, B & C of the CITM program and have a combined about of 10 years recent work experience in the area of crisis management / turnaround management. Only a Level D CITM can serve as a mentor to Level C candidates.

Maintaining the Qualification

A qualification expires after 4 years if the qualified person does not work in the industry anymore and is not keeping up to date with the industries developments and is not participating in any qualifications within the industry. This expiration provides customers with the safety that the turnaround professional they are working with has maintained ties to the industry and has been involved in continues education to keep a competitive edge and to stay up to date with the latest developments, cases and success strategies.

The Turnaround Management Society provides continues training and education material such as:

  • online training
  • conferences
  • the Turnaround Management Journal
  • Updates to the International Turnaround Management Standard™ (ITMS)
  • Newsletters
  • Focus groups
  • Case studies
  • Assessment centers

for its members in order for their qualification to stay valid.

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