TMJ 06 cover pic


TMJ 06 cover pic

The new Turnaround Management Journal is out! This issue features articles from the leading names in the industry. John Collard, Donald Bibeault, Uwe Eugene Rembor, Carsten Ovens, Marc Wagner and Dr. Christoph Lymbersky are just some of them.

This issue features the following articles:

The Meaning of Brand Origin for a Company’s Turnaround Strategy by Carsten Ovens

How To Slash Staff Turnover and Kill Costs by Eugene Rembor

How Don Bibeault Modifies the Old Pareto Principal in Business by Donald D. Bibeault

Issues and Crisis Management: the Death and Life of Organizations by Nelson Oluwabukola Michael

The Strategic Role of Human Resources Development in Organizational Crisis Management

Why Do Firms Fail in Emerging Markets? by Javier González Montané

Why Do Companies Fail? 2014 Survey Results by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

Buying and Managing Distressed Companies by John M. Collard

Case Study: The Porsche Turnaround

Interview: Transformation Best Practice at Deutsche Post DHL by Marc Wagner

Crisis Management – Expert Strategies For Turnarounds and Liquidations by Lee Hiller

How to use the Business Impact Analysis during Crisis Management by Myles Long

Crisis Management: Riding the Dangerous Wind by Christina Winkler

How Brands Brace for #Crisis in the Social Media Age by Rachel Caggiano


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issue 1 2013

issue 1 2013The Turnaround Management Journal published by the Turnaround Management Society is an established magazine with articles about corporate restructurings, business transformation and turnaround management.

The Turnaround Management Society just published the 1st issue of the Turnaround Management Journal in 2013. The journal an internationally leading source of industry developments, standards, frameworks and key players in the industry or corporate restructurings.

The current issue features articles by John M. Collard about benefits that outside directors bring to your organization, the crisis process by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky, rethinking corporate risk by Marquis Codija, a case study about the Gucci Turnaround and many more.

A special interview with Randall W. Patterson from Lakepointe Partners is included as well as the popular short notes on industry developments. The Turnaround management Journal is published semiannually in the spring and fall (northern hemisphere) of each year.

Regular authors include academics such as university lecturers, professors and students who are engaged in research on crisis management. The Turnaround Management Journal provides a forum for the presentation of their findings and results to other researchers and the professional community.

Professionals who work in crisis management are also invited to submit articles for publication in the Turnaround Management Journal. Their opinions, case studies, success stories, and company introductions are highly valued by other professionals and academics alike.

The Turnaround Management Journal is available on Amazon, the Apple Newsstand, Google Play and bookstores worldwide.



The Turnaround Management Society released the TM Society App today. The App can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Windows Phone is currently not supported but will be soon. The App features the Turnaround Management Journal online version, recent videos from and about members as well as the latest information and updates on the International Turnaround Management Standard.

The Turnaround Management Society is an industry specific organization for Turnaround Management. Its members are turnaround professionals, distressed dept investors and academics.

It is the objective of the Turnaround Management Society to bring together the knowledge of Turnaround Management academics and the experience of Turnaround Management professionals. The TMS provides a link between academics who are engaged in research and the professional community that seeks research outcomes and provides academics with professional insight, guidance and feedback.

Besides supporting academics around the world and providing them with a forum for exchange of information with other academics and practitioners, we are also engaged in research ourselves. Our two ongoing projects are the ITMS and the database of successful turnaround management strategies and cases

You can find the app by typing  into your phone or by scanning the QR-Code:

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The Turnaround Management Journal is available for print and some old versions are available as a download. If you want to order printed copies or the current edition please visit

Turnaround Management Journal 02/2011

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In this issue:

Introducing the International Turnaround Management Standard
by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

The Importance of Post-Merger Integration
by Dr. Mike Teng

Value Creation Model: Built To Sell
by John M. Collard

Managing People And The Process Of Change
by Mark Blayney

Are Your Communication Strategies Really Engaging Employees?
by Marcia Xenitelis

Strategies Behind Crisis Management
by Dr. Stephanie A Parson

Crisis Management – or Managing a Crisis
by Clive Simpkins

Never Waste a Crisis – A Real Leadership Opportunity
by Henrik von Scheel

Member Interview with Marc Wagner

12 Reasons Why People Resist Change
by Torben Rick

Crisis Management – Expert Strategies For Turnarounds and Liquidations by Lee Hiller

Crisis Management and Business Continuity by Ebi Akpeti

BP Crisis Management: Being a Good CEO Doesn‘t Make You a Good Spokesperson
by Jem Thomas

Toyota Recall Crisis by Alice

Increase Performance Through employee Engagement by Torben Rick

World Class Corporate Crisis and Communications Teams by Tony Ridley


List Price: $14.99

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72 pages
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BISAC: Business & Economics / Management

Turnaround Management Journal 01/2011

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In this issue:

SAAB`s Questionable Turnaround Practice by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

All Leaders Are Not Created Equal by John M. Collard

How Can We Define Leadership? by Nauka Shah

CVA, an Insolvency Rescue Procedure by Mark Blayney

Change Management Tips Used By Turnaround Companies by Dr. Mark D. Yates

How To Engage Employees With Technology Based Change by Marcia Xenitelis

Strategies For Managing Change – 9 Failure Reasons That You Can Avoid by Stephen Warrilow

Transformational Leadership Theory – By Attila the Hun – How NOT to Apply It to Change Management by Stephen Warrilow

The RASCALS Principle by Eugene Rembor

10 Priorities for Every Leader by Rabison Shumba

Strengthening Corporate Health – 18 Principles by Dr. Mike Teng

Member Interview with Eugine Rembor by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky


List Price: $12.99
8″ x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
60 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1456493097
ISBN-10: 1456493094
BISAC: Business & Economics / Management