PMP® Certification and Good leadership- Key for project success

As the percentage of projects failing are on the rise there are number of root causes becoming the talk of discussion. Be it unreasonable project timelines, poorly defined requirements, poor scope management or unclear project objectives projectsare failing due to one or all of these factors. As all these factors play an important role in a project, thus there is no denying a failure at one of these aspects can play havoc for a project. But a question which arises amidst all this is whether it is the ability to manage projects becoming a reason for failedprojects. And one thought is that projects are best managed when they are well led.

Several analysis are doing the rounds as to whyprojects gets in trouble and it appears that there is a common link of missing leadership. Wherever there is a weak leadership link, it has been observed that projects make way to unwanted directions. It is often the case that a project manager fixes his focus on what needs to be done and may well be aware of how do it but all this while he might not be acting as a project leader. Here comes in PMP® certification equipping project professionals with processes, techniques and tools for project success. However, PMP certification though builds a good foundation for professionals, if it is accompanied by a true leadership to drive complex projects it acts as a boon in disguise.

In recent times, project leadership and not just management is playing as the critical differentiator in projects. Project management without project leadership is likely to result in project failure. AstroWix a pioneer project management companyhas for over a decade been providing PMP® certification training to professionals in India and abroad. It is a registered education provider of PMI, USA training professionals and helping organizations in their project optimization. Its training workshops are conduced across major cities in India like New Delhi PMP certification, PMP certification Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata.
,br> AstroWix is a leading end-to-end project management solutions provider offering professional training courses. These professional courses are developed for a complete professional development, enhancing leadership and negotiation skills in professionals. A certified PMP and a good leader is a deadly combination for any project. Project leadership is all about shaping a team of diverse individuals into a workforce that produces measureable project results. A good leader is a good project manager who is able to set the vision, define success, and determine the measurements of success. And importantly they can inspire, persuade, and lead the project team very efficiently.

– Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

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