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tmsThe Turnaround Management Society™ was founded to increase networking in the industry and to provide its members with a comprehensive service regarding educational material, the international standards, and opportunities for connection between academics and professionals in the field.Members of the Turnaround Management Society receive benefits that will increase their knowledge, effectiveness and professional opportunities:

  • We take networking personally! That means, the TMS is not just a society in which interested people can become a member in and nobody really recognizes the individual members. We are your network, to us that means, we stay in touch we introduce you to other members, we help you find the right business partner, we visit you to meet you personally and to find out how we can support you in your business. This way we know all our members personally and we know what they need and can offer to other members. … this is what networking means to us.
  • Regular industry updates
  • Regular updates from university researchers
  • Contacts with other companies in your industry
  • Contacts with financial institutions, private equity firms, turnaround firms, crisis communications specialists and others
  • Subscription to The Turnaround Management Journal
  • Full access to the TMS Successful Turnaround Cases Database
  • Company exposure in regular publications to other members.
  • Opportunities to introduce yourself or your company to a wide audience of professionals and academics
  • Access to discounts on turnaround management literature
  • Free updates on the International Turnaround Management Standard™
  • Opportunities to participate in the development of International Turnaround Management Standards
  • Opportunities to mentor a Master’s or PhD student who is writing a thesis on a topic related to turnaround management or, if you are a student, support from a professional member of the TMS
  • Free Full Membership to
  • Direct access to tomorrow’s turnaround professionals through our direct connections to academic institutions in order to increase awareness of your company.
  • Visibility to companies looking for professional turnaround management.


Become a Member

Member of TMSBecoming a member of the Turnaround Management Society means becoming part of a great network of turnaround professionals, academics as well as investors and other interested parties. As a member you enjoy privalages that are unique in the industry. No member is unkown, that means we make sure that all our members know each other. As a new member you will be introduced at numerous occasions to all other members and other members will contact you to introduce themselves.Once you click on the sign up button the next step in the sign up process will show up on the bottom of this page. You can pay through PayPal with all major credit cards. If you wish to transfer the amount per direkt bank transfer please contact us.
Next you will be directed to a Turnaround Management Society / PayPal page where you can enter your payment details. Please enter your company or home address, otherwise we will not be able to send you your membership certificate right way.Please choose your membership type below:

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Corporate Membership sign up

Individual memberships are 179,00 Euro (about 199 USD) per year. As an individual member you will enjoy all benefits that the Turnaround Management Society offers. You will be represented by your name.

 Student Membership

student membership sign upStudents can sign up for a reduced price of 55,00 Euro (about 69USD) per year and will receive all benefits that individual members have. Student membership can only be obtained for a maximum of five years.

Corporate Membership

advisory board sign upAs a corporate member your company’s top management team will have access to all benefits that the TMS provides you with. You will mainly be represented as a company. The corporate membership fee is 390,00 Euro per year.

Fellow Membership

Fellows are either appointed because of special contributions to the Society and its members. This contribution can be monetary. The Fellow membership is 1500,00 Euro per year.




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