How Change Management Works

Change management can be a very effective tool for any business when used effectively. It can seem like a daunting prospect at first but once you know all about it and get the hang of it you will see that it’s an easy way of achieving great results.

It is important that anyone who is involved with the management team knows all about change management and is competent in it. This is because it is very unlikely that any successful working environment can survive without it.

Change management can be hard to implement because some people don’t react well to or don’t like change. For this reason one of the first and most important things that you should do is to discuss any changes that are going to be made with your staff so that you can try and get their support. If you have been successful with this it will make the rest of the steps a lot easier to introduce.

There are a few key principles that need to be kept in mind when you introduce change management to a company. Firstly, the fact that everyone acts different to change should be considered. Don’t expect everyone to either be for or against the change because it is more likely that some people will be happy with it and some people won’t. The second thing to consider is that everyone has basic needs that they need to be met. This can be linked with the first point because if everyone’s needs are being met despite the changes then they are more likely to support these new decisions.

One of the most important aspects of change management is the fact that expectations have to be managed realistically. Don’t expect miracles to happen as change can be difficult and time consuming. If you want to see the desired results you are going to have to be prepared to work hard for them. Changing too much too soon can also scare off employees because they might start to feel insecure and demoralised.

The support from your staff is probably one of the main key factors in implementing change management because at the end of the day they are the ones who can make it work or fail. If employers are happy with the new changes and feel confident about them then they are likely to work harder in order to make them work.

About the Author:

Derek Both works for CIO Plus. CIO Plus specialise in providing Interim Managers change management who have the required depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to ensure enterprises meet their objectives in the most effective way.

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