Every organization, society, and business needs resources to function properly and to provide goods and services. These resources can be financial or non-financial in nature. The funding structure of the Turnaround Management Society has been developed to ensure that support comes from multiple sources in order to maintain the Society’s independence.

Funding Structure

The Turnaround Management Society is a not-for-profit organization, so the funds that we generate and receive are used entirely for the benefit of the Society and its members. The executive director and senior fellows are not financially compensated for their efforts; they work for the Turnaround Management Society because they believe in the importance of its contribution to the field of turnaround management.

The funding structure is as follows:



  • 20% of the operations of the TMS are financed by the Management Laboratory, which donates proceeds from its book sales to TMS research.
  • 35% of the operations of the TMS are financed by companies and members associated with the Turnaround Management Society.
  • 20% of the operations of the TMS are financed through services provided by the Society, such as research provided to non-members.
  • 25% of the operations of the TMS are financed through membership fees.

Supporting the Turnaround Management Society

A large part of our financing comes from outside contributions and donations. We depend on these funds to provide our services and advice to universities, members, the community, and troubled companies. If you would like to support our efforts, please see the page attached to this introduction package for details of how you can participate.

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