Dr. Markus Müller CIO Deutsche Telekom interviewed by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

Dr. Markus Mueller am 25.04.2013 in Bonn

Telekom IT: More than Just an IT Service Provider

Mission possible: Dr. Markus Müller, CIO at Deutsche Telekom, must simultaneously raise the quality of IT, reduce the costs by one Billion euros, and deliver IT projects right on time – all by 2015. And he is well on his way.

I T operations at Deutsche Telekom were originally divided among three divisions. That changed in 2012. The corporation set up a  central IT department under the responsibility and leadership of a single unit, with unified objectives, a consistent portfolio, and low-cost production. The restructuring improved quality and reduced IT costs permanently. Telekom IT has a workforce of 7,300 employees today. Under the direction of CIO Markus Müller, it manages an IT budget of two Billion euros. The responsibility for CRM and billing systems which handle 250 million invoices a year and eleven million customer queries a month belongs to Telekom IT; it also operates the joint platform of the European Telekom subsidiaries and realizes substantial scaling effects. And Telekom IT has a challenging goal: the reduction of IT costs by one billion euros between 2012 and 2015, the improvement of IT quality, and the ontime delivery of IT projects.

At the same time, it must complete an important mission which has been designed to lay the foundation for implementation of the group’s strategy. Determined to make Telekom the “leading telco”, the division is using the broadband network gateway to provide the “IP production platform” for the mapping of new IP products in the architecture. This architecture secures the bundling of fixed and mobile networks. It creates a standardized “power strip” allowing the integration of attractive partner Services and products in the Deutsche Telekom product Portfolio and enables the integration of offers for business customers. The establishment of Telekom IT was desperately needed – and yet it required a massive effort. Dr. Markus Müller spoke to Detecon about the progress that has been made and the targets for the near future.

Download the full interview here:  8_DMR_blue_Transformation_Interview_Telekom_Mueller_E_02_2015

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