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The Turnaround Management Society offers free advice to companies in economic difficulties. Our services are, however, just a first step in starting the turnaround process. We are in regular touch with turnaround professionals who specialize in different situations and industries. In this way we can find the right turnaround manager for the right situation at the right time.

Crisis Counseling

The Turnaround Management Society offers counseling for companies in trouble. This service is free of charge and discreet, and its only goal is to serve and help you in a difficult situation.

During the free counseling we will try to understand your situation, establish a comfortable and trusting atmosphere for the conversation, and provide you with independent advice on how to handle difficult situations. We will put you in touch with helpful contacts and advise you on your next steps. These meetings can often be arranged within hours and are available worldwide.

Even though the Turnaround Management Society itself does not actively engage in turnaround projects we can, if the company or a stakeholder wishes, stay on as a guide throughout the turnaround process. We can serve as mediators, counselors, and consultants in specific situations.

We will also provide you with a full range of contacts with whom we have personal relationships built on discretion, integrity and trust – everything you need to handle a difficult situation.

We have a 24-hour emergency hotline that you can call to discuss your situation.

Call us: +49 40 32 08 14 53 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year)

We are here to help with situation-specific expert advice, free of charge and right to the point!

Monitoring Service

Our monitoring service is for companies that are undergoing a turnaround process led by a turnaround management team. As a consulting partner during the turnaround process, the TMS does not get actively involved; we simply monitor what is going on and provide advice to the owners or the turnaround management team if asked.

The Turnaround Management Society functions as a bystander and competent partner, if needed, without any active involvement. This gives the turnaround management team the benefit of access to advice, experience, and resources from other turnaround professionals on specific topics.

For company owners or the board, we provide answers to questions that arise throughout the turnaround process and we can function as an independent intermediary during discussions and meetings.

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