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To set a high standard for turnaround management professionals, the Turnaround Management Society has developed an education program for practitioners, academics, and others interested in turnaround management. We currently offer one certification, the Certified International Turnaround Manager (CITM), with four levels, A to D, depending on the theoretical knowledge demonstrated as well as practical experience gained.

Qualification Levels

CITM – Level A

To acquire Level A the candidate must demonstrate mastery of the International Turnaround Management Standard™ (ITMS) as well as general knowledge about crisis situations and classifications, early warning signs, and crisis prevention.

CITM – Level B

To acquire Level B of the CITM program the candidate must have successfully achieved Level A and must also demonstrate that they have studied and solved different case scenarios in which the ITMS™ can be applied.

CITM – Level C

To acquire Level C certification the candidate must have passed all tests required for Levels A and B, and in addition have at least 10 years‘ direct work experience in the crisis management or turnaround management industry. During this time a mentor must provide expertise and advice to the candidate and observe whether the candidate follows and upholds the ethical guidelines. A candidate who already has ten or more years‘ work experience can apply for Level D.

CITM – Level D

A Level D Certified International Turnaround Manager, after meeting the requirements for Levels A, B, and C, must demonstrate intense and substantial knowledge of the industry and have 15 years work experience in crisis management or turnaround management. Only a Level D CITM can serve as a mentor to a Level C candidate.

Maintaining the Qualification

tmsA qualification expires after four years if the qualified person does not work in the industry, does not keep up to date with industry developments, and does not gain any qualifications or undertake any training within the industry. This expiration provides customers with the assurance that the turnaround professional they are working with has maintained ties to the industry and has been involved in continuing their education to maintain a competitive edge and stay up to date with the latest developments, cases, and success strategies.

The Turnaround Management Society provides continuous training and educational materials for its members to help them maintain their qualifications. These include:

  • online training
  • conferences
  • the Turnaround Management Journal
  • updates to the International Turnaround Management Standard™
  • newsletters
  • focus groups
  • case studies
  • assessment centers


Becoming a Certified International Turnaround Manager

Please check out our self study packages to become a Certified International Turnaround Manager HERE.

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