issue 1 2013

The Turnaround Management Journal published by the Turnaround Management Society is an established magazine with articles about corporate restructurings, business transformation and turnaround management. The Turnaround Management Society just published the 1st issue of the Turnaround Management Journal in 2013. The journal an internationally leading source of industry developments, standards, frameworks and key players in […]


The Turnaround Management Society released the TM Society App today. The App can be installed on Android and iOS devices. Windows Phone is currently not supported but will be soon. The App features the Turnaround Management Journal online version, recent videos from and about members as well as the latest information and updates on the […]

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The “Turnaround Management Journal” is the first and so far only regular publication in Turnaround / Crisis Management that contains articles from academics and practitioners alike. The journal contains eleven quality articles from authors around the world. Unlike other publications in this area the TM Journal focuses on articles and not on advertisements. In each […]

Butterfly Metamorphosis

While working for different consulting companies in the corporate restructuring sector, I have heard many different terms for “restructuring a company”. In small- and medium-sized businesses, the more serious the crisis becomes, the more the term “turnaround management” is used. Certainly turnaround management suggests some urgency and pressure to change the situation causing the company […]

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Contrary to common belief, a company is not an inanimate object. In fact, there are many similarities between companies and people, companies are living organisms that comprise communities of people that contribute to their distinctive personalities and attitudes. Like us, companies fall sick, due to various reasons such as economic slowdown, competition and incompetent management. […]

Change management can be a very effective tool for any business when used effectively. It can seem like a daunting prospect at first but once you know all about it and get the hang of it you will see that it’s an easy way of achieving great results. It is important that anyone who is involved with the management team knows all […]

In this current economic climate, smart companies are focusing more on performance management of their staff rather than  finding new ones. Employee performance is vital if a company is going to stay afloat. A lot ofrecruitment agencies have gone by the way of the dodo recently. A friend of mine started one about 4 years ago and she closed her […]

There are two kinds of businesses in this kind of economy. There are those who sit on the sidelines and wait for the economy to turn and there are those who scramble to make the best of the situation. I interviewed a number of companies to determine: 1) what are the biggest issues facing them […]