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The “Turnaround Management Journal” is the first and so far only regular publication in Turnaround / Crisis Management that contains articles from academics and practitioners alike. The journal contains eleven quality articles from authors around the world. Unlike other publications in this area the TM Journal focuses on articles and not on advertisements. In each […]

Sabine Klug, Fellow der Turnaround Management Society, im Gespräch mit Marc Wagner, Clientpartner und Experte für „Restructuring und Transformation“ der Detecon International GmbH, einer Top-Managementberatung im Bereich Telekommunikation. Mit rund 1000 Beratern ist die DTC nicht nur bei der Deutschen Telekom aktiv, sondern berät insbesondere auch internationale Telekommunikationsunternehmen, sowie Großkonzerne im ICT-Umfeld.     Sabine […]

Butterfly Metamorphosis

While working for different consulting companies in the corporate restructuring sector, I have heard many different terms for “restructuring a company”. In small- and medium-sized businesses, the more serious the crisis becomes, the more the term “turnaround management” is used. Certainly turnaround management suggests some urgency and pressure to change the situation causing the company […]


** The following interview is only available in German ** Klaus Kenfenheuer hat als Vice President Project and Investment Controlling federführend eine Vielzahl von Restrukturierungs- und Transformationsprojekten bei der Deutschen Post DHL begleitet – zuletzt unter anderem die Abwicklung des US-Geschäfts. Seine Erkenntnisse fließen ein in eine Detecon Studie zum Thema „Best-Practice Transformation“, die in […]

Word Cloud "Business Transformation"

Contrary to common belief, a company is not an inanimate object. In fact, there are many similarities between companies and people, companies are living organisms that comprise communities of people that contribute to their distinctive personalities and attitudes. Like us, companies fall sick, due to various reasons such as economic slowdown, competition and incompetent management. […]

Achieving a successful turnaround often requires both specialist help and new cash. As turnaround management consulting has become more of a profession there are an increasing number of sources of help and advice for businesses in difficulty. This article introduces the main types of professionals involved in business turnaround and in particular how they can […]