Define the scope and objectives For any project to be successful you need to understand what the project is supposed to achieve. Suppose your boss asks you to organise a campaign to get the employees to donate blood. Is the aim of this to get as much blood donated to the local blood bank? Or, […]

“Manage from the bottom up; not just from the top down; this creates personal commitment and accountability.”– Bryce’s Law INTRODUCTION A couple of months ago we started a free service to analyze a person’s style of management. Through our “Bryce Management Analysis,” a manager answers a series of questions (30 in all) and, based on his responses, […]

America’s 25 million small business owners are entitled to the same turnaround help as the Fortune 500. Unfortunately, they don’t receive it because turnaround consultants are expensive and their methods are not readily known by small business owners. A turnaround roadmap can remove some of the mystery about turnarounds and provide a guide for small […]

like any competitive pastime, we measure how well we are doing, by looking at others. This is a good way to improve yourself and your business If you are a sprinter and run alone, how will you know how you compare to others who also run? The principle also applies to business and business owners. For […]