Restructuring Kästchen

Modernization is an effective approach to making existing mainframe and distributed systems more responsive to business needs. To meet the demand for business innovation and agility, organizations are looking to improve the structure, flexibility and re usability of their business. An article written in the Harvard Business Review entitled, „Managing Professional Intellect: Making the Most […]

Experienced management is one of the most important factors behind the success of any business. Many managers have ample enthusiasm and energy, but often lack the knowledge and experience needed to sidestep easily avoided mistakes. As a result, far too many companies get into trouble and can die before ever reaching their potential market value. […]


In business, crisis management is practically unavoidable. Mistakes will be made. Accidents will happen. Products will be flawed. Acts of God will continue. Since you can’t avoid crises, you’d better prepare for their inevitable eventuality, and: act promptly, intelligently, decisively, strategically, politically, sensitively, honestly, and with a genuine effort to resolve the issue and prevent […]

Butterfly Metamorphosis

While working for different consulting companies in the corporate restructuring sector, I have heard many different terms for “restructuring a company”. In small- and medium-sized businesses, the more serious the crisis becomes, the more the term “turnaround management” is used. Certainly turnaround management suggests some urgency and pressure to change the situation causing the company […]


** The following interview is only available in German ** Klaus Kenfenheuer hat als Vice President Project and Investment Controlling federführend eine Vielzahl von Restrukturierungs- und Transformationsprojekten bei der Deutschen Post DHL begleitet – zuletzt unter anderem die Abwicklung des US-Geschäfts. Seine Erkenntnisse fließen ein in eine Detecon Studie zum Thema „Best-Practice Transformation“, die in […]

Introduction The most common reason cited for the failure of a change management effort is resistance.  That’s a cop out.  There is always going to be resistance, and it’s a natural part of every change management program, successful or not.  The degree to which resistance wins out is determined by other factors.   Five Factors I believe there are five […]

Change management can be a very effective tool for any business when used effectively. It can seem like a daunting prospect at first but once you know all about it and get the hang of it you will see that it’s an easy way of achieving great results. It is important that anyone who is involved with the management team knows all […]