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Become a Certified International Turnaround Manager in TMS’s online certification program. Our experienced trainers guide you through the online lectures. Together with access to our online certification program you will receive the most relevant books about corporate restructuring and turnaround management. To set a high standard for turnaround management professionals, the Turnaround Management Society has […]


A strong business turnaround requires creating a plan your creditors will use; then, you must prioritize whose debts you will pay. It is your responsibility to apprise your creditors of your business turnaround plan and company forecasts so they can extend loans, grant more, or even forfeit some of the debts. Be Forthcoming with Creditors […]


CEOs and CFOs often feel like they are following in the footsteps of Don Quixote when they try to restructure business operations in Europe. In theory, the formula for a restructuring in Europe is the same as the US – control cash, adjust pricing, renegotiate contracts, reduce employees, eliminate poorly performing divisions or products, accelerate […]


Welcome to the real business world where troubled businesses abound. Distressed business owners and executives need to understand turnarounds and transformations in order to face the challenges in this competitive global market. Corporate turnarounds and transformations are no longer ad hoc. Instead they have become an integral part of daily corporate life with dynamic changes […]


There is plenty of trouble in today’s economy, and few industries have been spared hardship. Turnaround opportunities abound for those who have the knowledge and fortitude to go through the process. The rewards can be plentiful and the failures catastrophic. The process of turning around a troubled entity is complex and made more difficult by […]


Strategy misalignment is subtle and sometimes difficult to spot. Yet without a properly aligned corporate strategy, you are likely to introduce a serious dose of chaos into the organizational environment. Corporate strategy is the blend of strategic goals that support the mission and vision of an organization. When a corporate strategy is aligned, the key […]