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The Turnaround Management Society is a membership-based organization. However, we do not ask for a set membership fee from our members but for some kind of contribution that benefits the other members of the Society.

This contribution can take the form of:

Providing Data

Some members and other interested parties provide data that can be used for research purposes, such as case study data for the TMS database.

Feedback on our Projects

Some supporters provide feedback on our research projects, such as the International Turnaround Management Standard.

Regular or Sporadic Funding

The Turnaround Management Society, like any organization, needs financial resources to pursue its goals and to provide services to its members. Members and other interested parties can donate funds to a particular project or to the Society in general. In the latter case, we will allocate the donated funds to a project or activity that is in need of financial support.

Providing Goods and Services

Some companies employ personnel who can be helpful to us, such as programmers or administrators. Others donate goods, from printer paper to office space. Companies have donated rooms for a conference, advertising space, and even frequent flyer miles. Whatever they are, donations are always appreciated and will only be used to serve the goals of the Society.

Other Donations

If you would like to contribute something but don’t have anything specific in mind, give us a call or send us an email and we can tell you what we need.

Each and every contribution, large or small, is helpful. Our members all participate in one way or another and to the best of their ability and capacity, which benefits all of us. However they choose to provide support, we will mention it in our annual report and on our website. Supporters who wish to remain anonymous, however, can be assured that their donations will be received in confidence.


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