TMJ 06 cover pic


TMJ 06 cover pic

The new Turnaround Management Journal is out! This issue features articles from the leading names in the industry. John Collard, Donald Bibeault, Uwe Eugene Rembor, Carsten Ovens, Marc Wagner and Dr. Christoph Lymbersky are just some of them.

This issue features the following articles:

The Meaning of Brand Origin for a Company’s Turnaround Strategy by Carsten Ovens

How To Slash Staff Turnover and Kill Costs by Eugene Rembor

How Don Bibeault Modifies the Old Pareto Principal in Business by Donald D. Bibeault

Issues and Crisis Management: the Death and Life of Organizations by Nelson Oluwabukola Michael

The Strategic Role of Human Resources Development in Organizational Crisis Management

Why Do Firms Fail in Emerging Markets? by Javier González Montané

Why Do Companies Fail? 2014 Survey Results by Dr. Christoph Lymbersky

Buying and Managing Distressed Companies by John M. Collard

Case Study: The Porsche Turnaround

Interview: Transformation Best Practice at Deutsche Post DHL by Marc Wagner

Crisis Management – Expert Strategies For Turnarounds and Liquidations by Lee Hiller

How to use the Business Impact Analysis during Crisis Management by Myles Long

Crisis Management: Riding the Dangerous Wind by Christina Winkler

How Brands Brace for #Crisis in the Social Media Age by Rachel Caggiano


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