1on1 Online Training Class in Turnaround Management

We are proud to introduce the first online class in Turnaround Management. The class is designed to prepare the participants for the Certified International Turnaround Manager (CITM) qualification. The online class will be held on a personal 1 on 1 basis over the internet and can be taken from virtually anywhere in the world.

This 21 contact hours class will give you a comprehensive overview to reach the Certified International Turnaround Manager – Level B qualification. Each trainer will work with you on an individual basis and adjust to your needs and knowledge. It is however required that you also read and study for yourself the material that the lecturer will discuss with you in order to better understand the course content.

Content and Structure:

The structure of the 1 on 1 online class is as follows:

  1. initiating and starting up a turnaround process (1 contact hour)
  2. company evaluation (3 contact hours)
  3. crisis stabilisation proceedures (2 contact hours)
  4. emergency proceedures (1 contact hour)
  5. planning the turnaround process (1,5 contact hours)
  6. leading the turnaround process (1 contact hour)
  7. financial restructuring strategies (3 contact hours)
  8. strategic and operational restructuring strategies (3 contact  hours)
  9. communication during a turnaround process (1,5 contact hours)
  10. process improvements (3 contact hours)
  11. ending a turnaround process (1 contact hour)

Additionally the participant has to read 15 assigned case studies and 30 assigned articles from the current media. Futhermore the candidate should count on at least the same amount on prepareing a class that it takes to hold the class.

Sign Up

Signing up is easy, you simply write us an email indicating your interest and we will assign you a lecturer for your online class. After you have paid the full amount of study fees we will schedule the classes for you at your own convinience.


The price of 1,950 Euro needs to be paid in full once you sign up for your class. The price includes all study materials which will be sent to your address as well as the exam fees for one online exam to become a Certified International Turnaround Manager.

Study Materials:

You will be supplied with all necessary study materials when you sign up. The price for these materials ins included in the price for the course.

  • 15 turnaround management case studies
  • 30 current articles
  • Book: Christoph Lymbersky; International Turnaround Management Standard (TM)
  • Book: Donald B. Bibeault; Corporate Turnaround
  • Book: Slatter & Lovett & Barlow: Leading Corporate Turnaround

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