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Why do Companies Fail? 2014 Survey Results

About the Research Project The Turnaround Management Society (TMS) asked 405 turnaround managers and restructuring experts about what factors, in their experience, lead to corporate crises. The last survey on this subject was carried out in 1990. The 2014 TMS survey highlights the internal and external causes that corporate restructuring specialists have witnessed in their

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Workout & Restructuring Conference 2014

Turnaround Management Society members receive a 40% discount on the VIP Packages. Please be aware that these conferences are not (only) educational events but a meeting with many business opportunities. Many banks with distressed assets to sell will be attending, many other law firms will be represented, we are expecting as well investors, consultants, private

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TMJ 06 cover pic

  The new Turnaround Management Journal is out! This issue features articles from the leading names in the industry. John Collard, Donald Bibeault, Uwe Eugene Rembor, Carsten Ovens, Marc Wagner and Dr. Christoph Lymbersky are just some of them. This issue features the following articles: The Meaning of Brand Origin for a Company’s Turnaround Strategy

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Restructuring Professionals Wanted!

The Turnaround Management Society gets regularly approached by companies in need for assistance in special situations such as transformations, restructurings and turnarounds. For that reason we have created the Restructuring-Experts.com database. Restructuring Professionals can enter their profile into the database over the web. This is totally for free of course and will stay that way.

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Restructuring Experts and Interim Professionals form a joined network platform to promote their service effectively.

Restructuring Experts is a new and effective way for interim professionals in the restructuring industry and transformation business to promote their profile and service. Restructuring-Experts.com is a unique way to promote your CV and service as a interim executive online. Through a unique combination of effective marketing service of our members we ensure that you,

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Turnaround Articles

Schlecker Drogeriemarkt

Rescuing Schlecker: The fall of an empire and ways to turn the company around

In 1975, Anton Schlecker founded a new kind of store in Germany, a shop system that was revolutionary at that time: the drug store chain Schlecker. Two years later, Schlecker had a hundred stores, and seven years after that, Schlecker opend its one thousandth store in Germany. The rapid expansion was due in part to

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Keeping American Airlines up in the air

- An appeal to learn from past crisis, competitors and the best After the attacks of September 11, 2001, airlines got into serious trouble and were forced to cut costs and routes all over the world quickly. Some airlines in the US that did not have enough financial resources went into Chapter 11 protection in

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TMS Consultants Database

The Turnaround Management Society has been asked by many firms to create a database of consulting firms that are active in the restructuring/turnaround business. For that reason we ask our members and companies that are not members to fill out the following form: TMS Consultants Database Form (Docx) When you are done filling out the

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Change Management

Butterfly Metamorphosis

Evolution Management: Managing constant change in organisations

While working for different consulting companies in the corporate restructuring sector, I have heard many different terms for “restructuring a company”. In small- and medium-sized businesses, the more serious the crisis becomes, the more the term “turnaround management” is used. Certainly turnaround management suggests some urgency and pressure to change the situation causing the company

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Bring Them On Board: Benefits of Interim Management …C-Level Executives Can Make the Difference

Experienced management is one of the most important factors behind the success of any business. Many managers have ample enthusiasm and energy, but often lack the knowledge and experience needed to sidestep easily avoided mistakes. As a result, far too many companies get into trouble and can die before ever reaching their potential market value.

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